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Cash for Gold* in Florida.

Exchange jewelry for money.

Bring your gold and silver jewelry to us.

The Check Cashing Store® is here to help you get more out of life. Sometimes that means helping you find money in unexpected places. Look around. You might have old or unwanted gold or silver jewelry that could be turned into cold hard cash.

We make it easy.

Bring us any piece of silver or gold that you'd like to sell or have appraised. We’ll evaluate your item using a basic formula based on the purity of your piece of jewelry. Pure gold is 24 karat, so the greater the karats you have, the more your item will be worth.

With the price of gold today, even 14 or 10-karat pieces can net you a nice sum of money. So bring in anything and everything you have in gold or silver.

The Check Cashing Store is a safe and trusted place to do business. We welcome your questions and are happy to tell you exactly how we arrive at our price. No need to mail your item off to a company you don’t know that could send back a check and a price you might not like. The Check Cashing Store always offers you a fair price and a fair process for all your silver and gold and there’s never any pressure to sell.

Get cash now.
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Coins
  • Bars
What should I bring in?

Anything gold or silver is worth bringing to us, even if it’s broken. The value lies in the purity of gold or silver it's made from so any of your old or unwanted jewelry has the potential to be worth money. Let's find out together.

*Available at participating locations only. Use our Store locator to find out if Cash for Gold & Silver is available at a location near you.