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Get more of what you want.

And all in one place.

More convenient ways to get your money.

Turn The Check Cashing Store® into your personal ATM. Why drive all over Florida to get money when we have almost 100 locations waiting to serve you. Get your business done at once. Come to The Check Cashing Store whenever you need money and leave with cash in your pocket.


Get it done. Get all your financial transactions done at the same time at The Check Cashing Store: pay bills, cash checks, and get money to go before you leave the store.

More flexibility. The Check Cashing Store makes it easy to skip the trip to the ATM with almost 100 stores waiting to double as your personal cash machine. Drop by any of our locations.

How much do you charge?

Cash-4-Debit is only 2% of the cash amount withdrawn or a minimum of $2 if you take out less than $100. That’s less than most banks charge at the ATM, and a whole lot less than withdrawing money at the convenience store.

Use our store locator to find a store near you.