Cash-4-Debit Service

Our Cash-4-Debit service acts like an ATM for you at The Check Cashing Store. It's similar to getting cash back at a grocery store with a small fee for the service. You can use Cash-4-Debit to pay for anything at our stores from money orders to stamps to getting documents notarized.There are NO minimum withdrawal amounts to use our service.

Maximum amounts vary and are determined by your debit card issuer. Customers who are unsure what their limits are will need to contact the debit card issuer for details.

It's easy to use Cash-4-Debit. Here's how it works:
  • Request an ATM withdrawal from a customer service representative at any location of The Check Cashing Store.
  • As with using an ATM, you'll use your PIN
Here are the benefits:
  • Convenient! You can cash your checks, pay bills, do money transfers, and buy money orders all in one place. And you don't have to make a separate trip to an ATM.
  • You can withdraw cash with your ATM card, including EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards.
  • You can pay for money orders and Western Union money transfers without that extra trip to the ATM.
  • Fee is 2% of the cash amount withdrawn or a minimum of $2 if the withdrawal is under $100.
  • For amounts under $100, that's less than most banks charge at ATM machines!
Payment methods:
  • Cash
  • Cash-4-Debit